It’s All About Your Students

Every feature of Youth Group Tracker is designed to enable you to better connect with your students. With our innovative sign-in system, it is easier than ever for you to track attendance by allowing the students to directly sign in at the beginning of any event. Each time a student checks in, they will have an opportunity to provide you with updated information. Keep up to date on everything you need to know about your students, from Birthdays & phone numbers to Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Manage Your Records

With the easy to use tools, you can quickly export the attendance for any event for quick printing, reference or to share with staff members. Track the details of all of your students and leaders on 1 page. Export details to a spreadsheet for reference or make changes to your records. You are in control of all of your records with Youth Group Tracker.

Customize Your Events

Easily customize every aspect of Youth Group Tracker One easy to use Preferences screen allows you to make updates to: Group Logo, Custom Data Fields, List of User Groups, Student Grades

Multiple Events

Youth Group Tracker ONLINE works great with any PC, Mac, iPad or any other device that can connect to the web. You can easily run different events on the same day (for example, a Middle School and High School group meeting in different parts of a building), or you need multiple devices to support the same event (so that the registration line doesn’t back up)